Types of Case

office case

Production Cases

Production cases have many different uses, whether you require drawers, shelves, a pull up table or a combination of these, at Bespoke Cases we will make each case to your specific requirements. These cases are all made from laminated or Phenol coated birch ply. The wheel boards are made from 18 mm quality FSC plywood […]

Make-up Mirror

We have two types of professional Make-Up Mirrors available. Both are made to a high standard using near daylight fluorescent tubes and quality glass mirrors which are preferred by many professional make up artists. Three Way Make-Up Mirror Three Way Make-up mirrors are a popular choice for screen and stage productions. These have one central and […]
washing machine case

Hood Style

All hood style cases are of a similar shape and used for transporting many different items, such as amps, cookers, washing machines and furniture. They are ideal for items that are very heavy to lift and or need a shallow surface to sit in or on. These are generally big cases and are made from […]


There are many different uses for this style of case such as a camera case, tool box, gun case, guitar or pedal case etc. For briefcases we generally use astroboard for the wall material with steel and aluminium fixtures. This makes the case strong yet of a lighter weight. For more information on please contact […]
hinged case

Trunk Cases

Trunk cases are the most popular style of case and are useful for a large range of different purposes.  At Bespoke Cases we will make the trunk case to your specifications, this can include moveable internal dividers, shelves, foamed areas etc. Larger sized cases will have heavy duty stop hinges, piano hinge and good quality […]
record case


Corner castors can make moving a case more manageable for one person, adding an extending handle is also an option for smaller trolly cases. Corner castors take up less space than conventional castors, keeping the case compact and can take weight up to 110 kg.

Other Types

At Bespoke Cases we make a wide range of cases, boxes and crates. If you have something that needs secure packaging for frequent travel,  we can make a suitable case for you. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we can design a case around your requirements. Split Opener […]