Other Types

At Bespoke Cases we make a wide range of cases, boxes and crates.

If you have something that needs secure packaging for frequent travel,  we can make a suitable case for you. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we can design a case around your requirements.

Split Opener

Split opening cases are ideal for when you need to utilise all the space within the case or you need to access the item which stays within the case.

Wardrobe Case

These can be made to accommodate hanging rail space, drawers, mirrors, ironing boards etc. Please bear in mind access requirements, for example doors, stairs and lifts to be encountered  when travelling with large cases.

Camera Case

There are many styles of case suitable for storing and transporting cameras, monitors and equipment.
These cases are generally made with Astroboard and have padlocking catches making them strong but lightweight and secure.

Guitar Tec Case

This case has been designed with the professional guitar Tec in mind, it is made from 9 mm birch ply which has been covered in carpet.
The light is an LED battery operated clip on swan neck, these vary from case to case.

This case costs £300 plus VAT and delivery.